Rediscover the Power of your Brain with Abacus

abacus-21Even when we need to make a simple math calculation, we use calculators. Ever thought what it would have been without the digital world? Ever realized how primordial people must have survived without using any of the electronic devices?

The ancient people did not have calculators neither they were known to the fact that such digital instruments could ever exist! People counted with fingers and toes, twigs, sea shells, pebbles. Later they realized to invent a tool that can help making calculations easier. That was when Abacus came into existence.

The oldest calculating board that proposed to the world for speedy work was the Salamis tablet; invented somewhere in 300 B.C. The ancient people explored more by devising Roman Calculi followed by Hand-abacus. The Western Europeans civilized the counting board from circa 500 C.E. to 1400 C.E. Apices, Coin and Line were the three highlighted boards that were used broadly for counting numbers. Between these periods, the Exchequer board was invented for calculating receipts and expenses in England from circa 1100.

As technology keeps invigorating, Abacus was also kept refreshing by the scholars. The Chinese, the Japanese and the Russian found abacus useful and devised it according to their ease. The Chinese named it Suan-Pan, the Japanese called it Soroban and the Russian named it Shoty. The Chinese calculating board was first seen in circa 1200 C.E. Circa 1600 C.E. marked the evolution of Japanese abacus followed by the Russian’s Schoty in the 17th century.

To the technology’s surprise, Abacus is still used in most of the Chinese countries to cross check the bills submitted by the vendors. It is taught in many of the schools and private institutions to refine speed of the brain. In today’s world, we have technically refused to use our brain and given up on our talent to use equipment that can speed up the process and save time. However, we forget that our brain is faster than our inventions and innovations. In addition, tools like Abacus and methods used in Vedic Math are the best ways to refuel our brain and energize it.

Abacus increases imaginative power, concentration, listening skills, speed, mental development and interest in discovering new tricks for faster calculations. As Abacus has established its place in the new-age kids, Vedic Math is soon entering the realm of inventions with ancient tricks materialized in new ways.


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