Tease your Brain with Abacus

abaucsAbacus is the oldest method that is been used for calculations. The primordial people used pebbles, rocks, shells, wooden sticks, fingers, toes and similar countable nouns for counting. Those days, people were unaware that devices such as calculators, computers or mobile phones could be invented. Their strongest possession was their brain and hence, they developed it to invent tools like abacus through rocks and pebbles. People, in those ancient times, invented many counting boards which got reinvigorating.

Though the latest digital instruments that we use now serve the best purpose of counting and saving time, we have somehow stopped discovering the capacity of our brain. For the simplest calculation, we use calculators and do not trust our brain.

However, after a number of studies and researches, the scholars realized that instrument like Abacus can be one of the best tools to sharpen our brain as it helps to strengthen memory, confidence, sense of achievement, intuitive thinking, problem-solving capability, creativity, concentration and mental endurance.

Four Elements is an organization that trains Abacus to kids for over 6 years. We conduct multiple state and national level competitions where our expert trainers help children to solve 150 sums in just 10 minutes. Each sum is made to be calculated in approx. 4 seconds; no matter how long is the sum. The students are not only taught to use Abacus but are even trained to boost their concentration and imagination by solving these sums mentally, with Abacus tricks yet without using the Abacus instrument.

Features: Kids learn many values after joining our Abacus course as –

  • Calculating long sums in a couple of seconds to speed up brain.
  • Listening and calculating sums without Abacus but with Abacus tricks boosts memory, intuitive thinking, concentration and mental endurance.
  • Solving the sums with Abacus and cross-checking through calculators to get the exact answer brings a sense of achievement, pride and increases problem-solving capability.
  • Indulging students to participate in state and national level competitions exposes them to the world to take new challenges with pride.

Eligibility: Kids from 5 years to 13 years

Levels: The course of Abacus is divided in two main sections – Junior and Regular

  • Junior Level has 9 levels for kids from 5 to 7 years.
  • Regular Level has 6 levels for kids from 8 to 13 years.

Each level is of 3 months. Students are examined after completion of each level with a test and awarded a certificate.