Crack IELTS with the Best Band

IELTS_logo.svgIELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the mandatory examinations to take for studying or working abroad in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand. IELTS is divided in two types – General and Academic. General IELTS is for professionals who are seeking jobs abroad and want to own a work visa. Students for higher studies appear for Academic IELTS. The examination is sectioned in 4 parts – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking.

Listening: Listening section is common for both General and Academic IELTS

  • 4 sections (Section 1 – a conversation between two people, Section 2 – a monologue, Section 3 – a conversation between up to 4 persons, Section 4 – Academic monologue)
  • 40 questions
  • 30 minutes to answer + 10 minutes to transfer answers to answer sheet
  • Tested on Band 9

Reading: Reading section differs for Academic and General IELTS takers.

  • 3 sections
  • 40 questions
  • 60 minutes (you are not provided additional 10 minutes transfer the answers to the answer sheet)
  • Tested on Band 9

Writing: The writing section of General IELTS is different than that of the Academic IELTS.

  • 2 sections (Section 1 for Academic – Report on a pictorial or graphical information, Section 1 for General – Letter on the provided topic, Section 2 for Academic – Argumentative essay, Section 2 for General – An essay)
  • Section 1 – 150 words and Section 2 – 250 words
  • 60 minutes
  • Tested on Band 9

Speaking: The date for the Speaking exam is provided by internal examination centers.

  • 3 sections (Section 1 – Explain yourself for 3 minutes, Section 2 – Provided a topic to speak for 7 minutes, Section 3 – the examiner asks you questions based on section 2 for 5 minutes.)
  • 15-20 minutes
  • Tested on Band 9

Listening, Reading and Writing section is usually conducted on the same day. No breaks are provided in between the sections. Speaking test is generally taken the next day. General and Academic test takers sit together for the exam. Individual headsets are provided for Listening section.

Four Elements conducts weekday and weekend courses. We have certified trainers training IELTS. Hence, they can easily guide you from tips to answer the exam until filling the examination form and appearing for it.

Weekday Course – Monday through Friday

  • 2-week program – 26 hours and 5 mock tests
  • 4-week program – 52 hours and 10 mock tests
  • 6-week program – 78 hours and 15 mock tests

Weekend Course – Saturday and Sunday

  • 2-week program – 14 hours and 2 mock tests
  • 4-week program – 28 hours and 4 mock tests
  • 6-week program – 42 hours and 6 mock tests

Test Series – Practice with sample test papers. Students would have a one-to-one counselling session after every test.

  • 5 mock tests
  • 10 mock tests
  • 15 mock tests

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