Pre-Primary & Primary

Teaching with a Guide

pencils-447480_1280Teaching kids is one of the most difficult yet interesting profession to adapt. You need to be trained with a perfect guidance while acquiring any of the teacher degrees as you are molding the kids for their best lives. A teacher is the building block to every child. Hence, we make sure we create such teachers that can bring the best out of every student they come across.

Four Elements trains for Primary and Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course. We have over a hundred teachers certified from our course and successfully teaching either in a school or have started their own kindergartens.

Our pre-primary and primary curriculum is constantly updated. We have included a variety of plays, teaching methods, thoughts, advantages of teaching, moral guidance and similar concrete views and perceptions from many of the education scholars in our syllabus of teacher training.

We provide distance learning education for pre-primary and primary teacher training applicants. You need to hold either an S.S.C. degree for applying to the  pre-primary teacher training course or an H.S.C. degree for primary teacher training course. If you have already acquired the pre-primary certification from any other institute, you can directly apply for the primary course. However, you would be asked to opt and get certified for pre-primary course before taking the primary curriculum. As we want to build a perfect strong base for children, we are trying to make strong teachers.

Pre-Primary Course Details:

  • 6-month course
  • 2 assessments (Drawing and Theory)
  • 100 marks each assessment

Primary Course Details:

  • 9-month course
  • 3 assessments (Best out of Waste, Lesson Plan and Theory)
  • 100 marks each assessment

English has become an official language of India. If any of the teachers is not good with English, you can even apply for our Advanced English Communication training sessions and get certified with English to impart quality education among the new-age kids.